About Us

Hi, I'm Ferha...

On the go

Never in one place for long.  I'm a working mom of two young kids. I'm always traveling between business meetings and my kids activities on opposite ends of the city and sometimes out of town.  To keep going- I MUST have coffee. And why take my coffee black, when it could be SO much better?  

Nothing existed

Following a plant -based diet, I couldn't find a portable creamer that 

tasted good. 

And, I like my coffee hot. Liquid creamers cooled down my coffee and, carrying them is messy and really inconvenient (especially in airports) 

  So, I experimented, and experimented and experimented some more...

After several attempts, I did it! 

I created a powdered coconut based coffee creamer that was delicious! I used high quality organic ingredients. Then, I designed a convenient and travel friendly package that I could carry on the plane, in my car, at my kid's school even at the movies.